Care for Ethiopia - Seasonal Blend

Care for Ethiopia - Seasonal Blend



For every bag of Care for Ethiopia sold, we'll donate $1 to humanitarian organizations working on the ground in the areas most affected by the conflict in Tigray or working directly with refugees of the conflict.


There hasn’t been all that much news coverage of the armed conflict in Ethiopia’s northern region of Tigray, but the conflict has left millions of civilians in need of food, shelter, and medical services. There have been widespread reports of violence targeting civilians, extrajudicial executions, sexual violence against women, and intentional destruction of medical facilities and food supplies.

We've put together this blend of Ethiopian coffees to raise money and awareness for this humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia. For every bag of Care for Ethiopia sold, we will donate $1 to humanitarian organizations working in Tigray or with refugees of Tigray. 


70% Nano Challa, Jimma, Ethiopia

30% Shoondhisa Natural, Guji, Ethiopia


This coffee is on the light side of a medium roast - just a little lighter than our Rathskeller Blend. It's great for drip coffee, french press, or any other brew method—even espresso!


If you'd like to donate directly, the following organizations have been suggested by members of the Tigray diaspora:


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