Gahahe - Kayanza, Burundi

Gahahe - Kayanza, Burundi



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Please note: In order to ensure the coffee you receive is as fresh as possible, we may wait until our next roast of this coffee to send it to you (no more than a few weekdays)


We Taste: Mixed Berry, Black Tea, Peach Cobbler

The best coffees coming out of Burundi today have a little something for everyone. These coffees are equally as dynamic and juicy as they are balanced and smooth. Despite political and economic challenges, coffee production in Burundi has been developing rapidly in the direction of high quality specialty coffee, and we've been seeing more and more beautiful, crowdpleasing coffees coming from this country every year.

Over 1250 local farmers deliver their coffee cherries to the Gahahe washing station where this coffee was sorted, washed, and dried.


Washing Station: Gahahe

Location: Kayanza, Burundi

Processing: Washed process

Elevation: 1800 m.

Variety: Bourbon