Mapendo Women - South Kivu, D.R.C.

Mapendo Women - South Kivu, D.R.C.



We were blown away by this lot from west of Lake Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo with its notes of ginger, black tea, and tropical fruit.

The area around Lake Kivu is better known for the coffees that come from east of the lake in Rwanda, but we've been seeing more and more excellent coffees coming from west of the the lake in the D.R.C. in recent years.

Many of the producers who contributed to this lot are widows as a result of violent conflicts in the D.R.C. Gender justice is one of the pillars of their cooperative, and they have worked with OXFAM to implement community-led food security and income initiatives with a focus on gender equity and inclusion.

We are happy to be working with Mighty Peace Coffee to source this coffee.

"Mighty Peace Coffee is a fully integrated social impact coffee company that provides coffee lovers and ethical businesses with the highest quality coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We do so while sharing stories of Congolese farmers to inspire human connection, breaking the cycle of poverty and conflict through economic transformation and advocacy."  


Region: South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Processing: Washed process

Elevation: 1480-2000 m.

Variety: SL34

Roast: Medium-light


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