Pedro Sagastume Honey - Santa Barbara, Honduras

Pedro Sagastume Honey - Santa Barbara, Honduras



A fruit-forward honey processed coffee with notes of mandarin orange, dark chocolate, and florals.


Pedro Sagastume is a third generation coffee farmer who has been managing his family farms for over 30 years, and one of Pedro’s biggest challenges every year is a lack of water at his wet mill in April and May. The honey processing method is a good solution because it is less water intensive than the more traditional washed process. After the coffee cherries are harvested, honey processed coffees are depulped and dried with some sticky fruit still on the seed.

With skill and care, honey processing can result in beautifully fruit-forward coffees like this one with its delicate balance of dark chocolate, mandarin orange acidity, and fragrant florals.




Producer: Pedro Sagastume

Region: Santa Barbara, Honduras

Processing: Honey

Elevation: 1600 m.

Varieties:  Pacas

Roast:  Medium-light



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