Robert Cabrera Honey Process Coffee from the Nariño region of Colombia

Robert Cabrera Honey Process - Nariño, Colombia



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Please note: In order to ensure the coffee you receive is as fresh as possible, we may wait until our next roast of this coffee to send it to you (no more than a few weekdays)


We taste: grape jam, almond butter, molasses

Robert Cabrera is a fourth generation coffee producer, and he purchased his farm in 2007. This is a honey processed coffee, meaning the coffee beans are dried in contact with some of the pulp of the coffee cherry. Robert uses this process to save water, differentiate his product, and earn a higher price. We love this method, because it results in a uniquely fruity and sweet coffee. Honey processing is rare in Colombia where the government actively discourages anything other than standard washed coffees.


Producer: Robert Cabrera

Farm: San Alejo

Location: Buesaco, Nariño, Colombia

Processing: Honey Process

Elevation: 1850 m.

Varieties: Colombia, Castillo