Rubiela Velasquez - Tolima, Colombia

Rubiela Velasquez - Tolima, Colombia




When we first purchased one of Rubiela Velasquez’s lots in 2018, we knew we had found something special. We are so happy to have another one of Rubiela’s excellent coffees this year. This year’s selection is a varietal separation, with 100% of this coffee harvested from the Castillo coffee trees on Rubiela’s farm La Esmeralda.

Like many of our favorite Colombian coffees, it has a bright-but-balanced profile. But it’s most distinctive trait may be the complex tropical fruit acidity that we find intriguing, but not overpowering.

 We Taste: Tangerine, Milk Chocolate, Almond

Farmer: Rubiela Velasquez

Farm: La Esmeralda

Location: Tolima, Colombia

Processing: Washed

Elevation: 1900m

Varieties: Castillo


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