Guji Uraga Ethiopian light roast coffee

Uraga - Guji, Ethiopia



Occasionally, you come across a coffee that just sparkles—bright, floral, juicy. This coffee is exactly that.

As soon as we cupped a sample, we knew we had to have it on our offerings list.

In the cup, we taste bright citrus, a beautifully floral aroma, and stonefruit so concentrated it reminds us more of peach gummy candies than fresh peach.

We've tasted a lot of great washed coffee from Guji this year, but this one blew us away...with its sparkles.

We taste: peach gummy, lemon, jasmine flower

Location (Woreda): Uraga

Region: Guji, Ethiopia

Washing Station: Kerchanshe

Processing: Washed

Elevation: 1850 m.

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