Wegida light roast coffee from Idido Cooperative Yirgacheffe Ethiopia

Wegida - Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia



We've been working with coffee from the Idido cooperative for a long time—years before we were even roasting our own coffee!

In fact, a few Pavement baristas have even competed in regional barista competitions with coffee from Idido! We've always loved the incredibly clean, tealike, floral coffees that come from this cooperative.

Wegida is Idido's original washing station (now one of three!). We were blown away by this lot, and we are very excited to continue purchasing and serving coffee from Idido!

We taste: lemon zest, jasmine tea, apricot

Washing station: Wegida

Cooperative: Idido

Location: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Processing: Washed

Elevation: 1900-2400 m.

Varieties: 74110, 74112, and other indigenous landraces

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