Barista Sipping Coffee

At Pavement, we only sell coffee that we are crazy about. It’s as simple as that.

We believe good coffee comes not only from quality beans that are roasted to reveal balanced and delicate flavor profiles, but from sourcing coffees that support the livelihood of the farmers who grow it and the communities where they live.

For these reasons, we have chosen to work with Counter Culture Coffee of Durham, NC. We value their dedication to developing relationships with farmers and working directly with them to push the boundaries of coffee quality forward. A community built on transparency, quality, and love. At Pavement, we deeply value these ideals as well.

Our coffee team is dedicated to making sure every cup we serve highlights the best of each individual coffee. Before serving your beverage, each barista has been certified and trained on their coffee palate, the basics of brew science, and milk chemistry.

Coffee shouldn't have to be complicated for you. It should be simple. Simply delicious. We remember that moment when we first tried that one cup that changed what we knew coffee could be. Let us keep seeking that perfect cup for you.