Acevedo Pink Bourbon - Huila, Colombia

Acevedo Pink Bourbon - Huila, Colombia



The coffee variety pink bourbon produces pink fruit and distinctive coffees. We've come to love pink bourbon coffees in recent years—especially pink bourbons from this part of Colombia. Smooth and sparkly. 

In recent years, our importer and exporter for this coffee (CCS and Fairfield Trading) have incentivized farmers in Acevedo to grow the wonderful pink bourbon coffee variety. This type of coffee expresses itself especially beautifully when grown in this area. This community lot comes from young pink bourbon trees grown by three producers in Acevedo. It’s superbly balanced, with enough sparkling citrus acidity to keep things interesting (and refreshing!).

As good as this coffee is, we are expecting future harvests to be even better as the young coffee plants mature.


Balanced and smooth, with distinctively bright citrus notes (pink lemonade, anyone?)


Producers: Fidel Rojas, Wilson Andredy Aranda, Carlos Hernandez

Location: Acevedo, Huila, Colombia

Processing: Washed

Elevation: 1550 m.

Variety: Pink bourbon


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