Frontera La Marimba competition qualifying coffee from Acevedo, Colombia

Frontera la Marimba - Acevedo, Colombia



This coffee from Colombia consists of 15 excellent Acevedo Cup qualifying coffees by producers in the neighborhood of la Marimba.

Our friends at Collaborative Coffee Source and Fairfield Trading put together this "hamlet blend" for us at their annual Acevedo Cup. The Acevedo Cup is a coffee quality competition for producers in and around the Acevedo Municipality in Colombia. To even qualify to enter the competition, a producer's coffee must meet very rigorous standards.

We taste: apricot, vanilla, citrus

We love the mouthwatering complexity of this coffee, and we brew it for both hot and iced coffee in our coffee shops.


Municipality: La Marimba, Acevedo

Location: Huila, Colombia

Processing: Washed process

Elevation: 1450-1750 m.

Variety: Colombia, Castillo, Caturra

Importer: Collaborative Coffee Source

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