Jair Cubillos Natural - Tolima, Colombia

Jair Cubillos Natural - Tolima, Colombia



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Please note: In order to ensure the coffee you receive is as fresh as possible, we may wait until our next roast of this coffee to send it to you (no more than a few weekdays)


We Taste: Strawberry, Peach, Black Tea

Jair Cubillos has maintained much of the original forest on his 40 acre organic farm, where native hardwoods provide shade to his coffee trees. The coffee cherries were sundried before removing the seeds (a.k.a. coffee beans), which results in a distinctly fruity cup.


Farmer: Jair Cubillos

Farm: El Jardín

Location: Tolima, Colombia

Processing: Natural Sundried

Elevation: 1550m

Varieties: Caturra, Typica, Colombia, Gesha