Kiunyu AB - Kirinyaga, Kenya

Kiunyu AB - Kirinyaga, Kenya



Bright, juicy, and berry-forward, this lot from Kiunyu has everything we love most about Kenyan coffees.


Our favorite Kenyan coffees are bright, juicy, and berry-forward, with impeccable flavor clarity—and bonus points for floral notes! This coffee checks all the boxes.

Kiunyu Coffee Factory is a coffee processing station in the Kirinyaga region of Kenya's Central Province, on the southern side of Mount Kenya. It serves the coffee producers of the Karithathi Farmers Cooperative Society in the towns of Kagumoini, Kianduma, Kiambuuku, Kiambatha, Gatura and Kiamuki. Most farmers in this area prefer growing tea over coffee, despite the extremely high potential for quality coffee in the region.



Producer: Kiunyu washing station

Region: Kirinyaga County, Kenya

Processing: Washed

Elevation: 1650 m.

Variety: SL34, Ruiru


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