Nemba Natural - Kayanza, Burundi

Nemba Natural - Kayanza, Burundi



Some of the best, most distinctive natural processed coffees we’ve had have come from Burundi. Over 2600 local farmers deliver their coffee cherries to the Nemba washing station where coffee cherries were sorted and dried in the sun, resulting in the fruity cup you are about to enjoy!

Coffee production in Burundi has been developing rapidly, with more and more high quality specialty coffee. Since it was founded in 2015, Greenco (the company that runs Nemba washing station and exports this coffee) has been a major contributor to the progress in the Kayanza and Ngozi coffee producing regions of northern Burundi.


We Taste: Tropical fruits and berry jam


Washing Station: Nemba

Company: Greenco

Location: Kayanza, Burundi

Processing: Natural Sundried

Elevation: 1800 m.

Variety: Bourbon


Nemba Natural is a medium roast single origin coffee that is great as drip coffee, french press, cold brew, or any other brew method!



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