Pulcal coffee from Antigua Guatemala roasted by Pavement Coffeehouse in Boston MA

Pulcal - Antigua, Guatemala



Finca Carmona is one of the oldest coffee farms in Antigua, and has recently become one of the best in the region under the management of Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora—an experienced coffee farm manager and nephew of the farm's owner.

Finca Carmona has always produced a good volume of coffee. Farm owner María Zelaya Aguirre's focus was always her prize-winning cattle, so María's nephew Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora (an experienced coffee farm manager) began to manage the coffee in 2012. He replaced old disease-prone plants at Carmona and implemented a three year pruning cycle to keep the plants healthy and productive.

Most of the family's coffees are processed at their Bella Vista Mill, but Carmona has it's own facilities where Pulcal is processed.

We taste: green apple, graham cracker, walnut


Lot Name: Pulcal

Farm Owner: María Zelaya Aguirre

Farm Manager: Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora

Location: Antigua, Guatemala

Processing: Washed

Elevation: 1600-2000 m.

Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra


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