Todos Santos Cuchumatán - Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Todos Santos Cuchumatán - Huehuetenango, Guatemala



Huehuetenango is unique among Guatemala's coffee regions, with higher elevations, rich clay, and farmer-processed coffees. 


Huehuetenango features high elevations, rich clay (instead of the volcanic soil common in most of Guatemala’s coffee areas), and the farmers process their own coffees (not a common practice in other parts of Guatemala). These factors result in bright coffees with a diversity of flavor profiles not seen elsewhere in the country.

Todos Santos Cuchumatán is a town in one of the highest elevation areas in Guatemala: Cordillera de los Cuchumatanes.

Look for bright green apple acidity balanced by notes of chocolate and nuts.



Producers: ~40 producers around Todos Santos Cuchumatán

Region: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Processing: Washed

Elevation: 1800-2000 m.

Variety:  Red bourbon, red catuai


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