Pre-Order Coffee Tasting Kit: Zone 3 Skill Build Workshop

Pre-Order Coffee Tasting Kit: Zone 3 Skill Build Workshop



We're teaming up with Zone 3 to put on a coffee tasting workshop as part of their Skill Build Summer Series!

The digital workshop will be free to attend on August 30 at 10am on Facebook Live. If you'd like to taste the same coffees along with us during the workshop, you'll want to purchase this tasting kit ahead of time (available for pre-order through August 20). We'll ship out the kits shortly after pre-orders close, with plenty of time to arrive anywhere in the U.S. before the tasting! 

The tasting kit contains 2x 5 oz. whole bean coffee samples (10 oz of coffee total). If you'd like us to grind the coffee for you, please mention that in a note when you check out. Read on for more info about the workshop.


How to do a comparative coffee home!

Have you ever read the tasting notes on a bag of coffee only to find that it tastes Don't worry, you aren't alone! With a little practice tasting coffees comparatively (tasting different coffees next to one another) it becomes much easier to pick out the distinctive traits of any coffee you taste. In this livestream workshop, Wolf Marnell (Director of Coffee at Pavement Coffeehouse) will lead you through a simple comparative coffee tasting that you can do at home.

If you'd like to taste the same coffees along with Wolf, just pre-order one of these sample kits (available through August 20). You can also participate with any two coffees you want, or just watch and learn without coffee and try your own tasting after.

Instructions to prepare for the workshop:

If you'd like to participate and taste along with the live workshop, give yourself plenty of time before the workshop to brew the coffees. You'll need: 
  • Coffee Sample Kit, available for pre-order right here through August 20 (or any two coffees that you would like to compare—the more different they are from each other, the better)
  • A way to brew the coffee—a coffee maker, pourover device, french press, or really any way that you normally brew coffee at home.
  • 2 mugs
  • Some way of labeling the coffee mugs (dry- or wet- erase marker, tape with permanent marker, post-it note)
  1. Brew coffee #1 and pour into a mug. Label the mug, or keep very good track of which mug is which coffee.
  2. Brew coffee #2 and pour into the second mug. Label the mug, or keep very good track of which mug is which coffee.
  3. Watch along with the live workshop! We'll discuss how to taste coffee generally and what we specifically taste in the coffees from the sample kit.