Our Story

The story of Pavement Coffeehouse is the transformation of a single bagel bakery and three scrappy but well-loved coffeehouses into a collection of six coffee-forward, quality-driven cafes in Boston.

Growing up outside of Chicago should have led Larry Margulies down the path of deep-dish pizza or Chicago-style hot dogs, but when he sunk his gums into a frozen bagel as a teething infant, his destiny was sealed. After graduating from Boston University in 1997, Margulies was hired by a small bagel shop as store manager. In 1999, when Bagel Rising went up for sale, Larry, at the age of twenty-three, knew what he had to do. After many nights crunching the numbers, and one small business loan later, he was finally the owner of his beloved Allston bagel bakery. Years later, and looking to expand, he introduced himself to the owners of Espresso Royale Caffe, a franchise-turned-independent cafe with three Boston locations. In 2004, Bagel Rising began wholesaling bagels to Espresso Royale. Inspired by the potential of the Boston coffee scene, Larry bought Espresso Royale in 2006, and, with his team, nurtured it into three contemporary cafes with homemade bagels and a focus on high-quality, skillfully-made coffee. These efforts culminated in 2010 when Larry built Pavement Coffeehouse, Boston's premier coffee-forward, quality driven cafe, at 1096 Boylston Street. The company then spent five years consolidating this cafe, Bagel Rising, and Espresso Royale into one brand--Pavement Coffeehouse.

Today, Pavement is a collection of six unique coffeehouses featuring Boston’s best homemade bagels, award-winning coffee service, warm atmosphere, and welcoming staff. We look forward to serving you!

Fenway location now open!