Genji Challa - Jimma, Ethiopia

Genji Challa - Jimma, Ethiopia



Many of our favorite coffees come from Ethiopia - we love this delicious, clean, bright, and floral coffee from the Genji Challa washing station.


Genji Challa is the newer washing station of the Kata Muduga Cooperative, right nearby their more established Nano Challa washing station (which we also purchase coffee from). The harvest came a little late this year for the producers of the Kata Muduga cooperative, but the season went very smoothly. This is only the second harvest processed at Genji Challa, but you wouldn't know it from this delicious, clean, bright, floral coffee!


We taste: citrus, chocolate, vanilla


Washing station: Genji Challa

Cooperative: Kata Maduga

Location: Gera, Jimma, Ethiopia

Processing: Washed

Elevation: 2000 m.

Varieties: Highland varieties including 7410


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