Mas Morenos - Santa Barbara, Honduras

Mas Morenos - Santa Barbara, Honduras



We are so happy to be sourcing coffee from the Moreno family again, and we’re loving the balanced notes of cocoa, plum, and tropical fruit that come through in the cup.


Daniel Moreno began producing coffee in 1963 when he bought a coffee plantation called El Campo in Santa Barbara, Honduras. Today, Daniel and his seven sons continue to manage El Campo (and other Santa Barbara farms) and have made a name for themselves by consistently producing coffees of exceptional quality.

Daniel and several of the Moreno brothers contributed to this coffee—hence the name “Mas Morenos.”




Producer: Moreno Family

Region: Santa Barbara, Honduras

Processing: Washed

Elevation: 1450-1730 m.

Varieties:  Pacas, catuai

Roast:  Medium-light



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