About Us

Who We Are.

Since 2009, Pavement has been welcoming our neighbors to experience our own freshly roasted specialty coffees, homemade bagels, and community. We’re an independently owned coffeehouse, with 8 shops in Boston and Cambridge, and are dedicated to amplifying the positive energy that comes from connecting over coffee.

Our Coffee.

Each season we carefully select our lineup of single origin coffees and roast each coffee to celebrate its own distinctive qualities. Our coffees are imported from family-owned farms and regional co-ops located across the world. We create coffee blends that are both unique and inviting. Our house blend Rathskeller is equally delicious as espresso (that's how we serve it in our cafes), hot drip coffee, or iced coffee. We also offer seasonal blends that we switch up every few months, and keep an eye out for an occasional limited-run special blend.

Our Bagels.

We started baking authentic hand-crafted, made from scratch, kettle-boiled and stone-hearth baked bagels 20 years ago at our small bagel bakery in Allston, Mass. And ever since then, we have consistently been refining our methods to always bring you our best.
Our slow three-day process ensures that from the first mix of dough to the moment our baker pulls the warm, toasty bagels from the oven, we allow our carefully sourced ingredients to develop their fullest flavor.
Whether you sit in one of our comfortable cafes, take your coffee and bagel to-go, or brew Pavement at home, we’re excited to meet you!