We started Pavement simply because we love our craft, this community, and the connections that we’ve made along the way. From the ingredients we use to the feeling you get when you walk through our doors, we aim to give our community what they deserve - real coffee, real bagels, and real people.


We are inspired by the energy of the city—how the pavement connects us and how it belongs to everyone. The city streets get us to where we want to go, and ultimately, can bring us together.

Pavement Coffeehouse was born in 2009 with the goal of creating a unique, personal, and inspired coffee scene in Boston. We wanted to create a space that was eclectic yet approachable, highlighting the coffees that we were most excited about, each served with intention. With that in mind, we showcased our craft coffee by building a gathering place for Boston’s many vibrant neighborhoods and subcultures—a coffeehouse where everyone feels that they belong.


We source our coffees from family-owned farms and regional co-ops around the world, and work with ethical exporters and like-minded importers to bring in coffees fresh and in-season. Through careful roasting, we strive for balance and nuance, and always seek to highlight the distinctive qualities of each coffee.


With take care to prepare our homemade craft bagels. We start with a fermented dough, shape, and rest over night. Then kettle-boil to set the crust for that dense, chewy bite, and bake in our rotating stone-hearth to achieve the crisp deliciousness that we all know and love. Served fresh daily.