Telila Genji Honey - Jimma, Ethiopia

Telila Genji Honey - Jimma, Ethiopia



We’ve been sourcing coffees from the neighborhood of Genji Challa for a few years now, but this is the very first honey processed lot we’ve come across from that area.


For honey processed coffees, coffee cherries go through a depulper to remove the skin and some of the fruit pulp before the beans are dried. This one also spent 8 hours in a fermentation tank before drying, which is not typical for honey processing. Honeys can offer a wide range of flavor profiles, and we were surprised to find this one had everything we love about the washed lots we’ve sourced from Genji Challa, only more intense: juicier, more melon-y, and more floral.


Washing station: Telila

Location: Gera, Jimma, Ethiopia

Processing: Washed

Elevation: 2000 m.

Varieties: JARC 74112

Roast: Light


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