Three of Cups - Seasonal Blend

Three of Cups - Seasonal Blend



In most tarot decks, the Three of Cups card depicts three friends gathered together raising cups in celebration. It’s about friends and communities coming together. This year, the symbolism hits a little bit differently....

While we haven’t been able to do much gathering with friends in the physical world this spring, the symbol of Three of Cups is perhaps even more relevant now as we redefine what it means to connect. We are finding new ways to gather with our loved ones through technology. We have developed a new sense of personal responsibility for the well being of our neighbors. And while we are isolating and quarantining, we face this problem together with the entire world.

Our Three of Cups blend brings together three coffees from different parts of the world, each contributing its own unique qualities to the lovely whole.


⅓ El Eden, Peru

 Kayanza, Burundi

 Robert Cabrera Honey, Colombia


This coffee is a solid medium roast - darker than our Rathskeller Blend, but lighter than Pavement Dark. It's great for drip coffee, french press, or any other brew method—including espresso!


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